Mr Speaker

Shame about John Bercow. Here’s me trying to defend MPs as honourable gentlemen and ladies and in a few cases right honourable, and they go and vote in a non-entity for rotten reasons at an important time in British politics. From what I can see he ain’t much charisma and the Tories, whence he came, loathe him, and Labour have voted him in to needle the Tories.  I feel let down, I do.

Sir George Young (Sir is almost a Christian name in his case – he’s always been Sir George)  would have had a certain kind of Tory grandee shuffling old-school honesty about him, and he’d have got on jolly well with David, being from the same posh educational establishment, though George must be about twice David’s age. With Boris installed as mayor, we could have had the born-to-rule brigade actually ruling, and given that all three are Liberal Tories that would really have upset the Telegraph on the one side, and those unhappy souls who were peddling socialist mags outside Hammersmith station this evening on the other. (You’d have thought they’d have realised they were on to a loser by now.)

I like my politics old-style, capitalist against socialist, so maybe I should take up peddling socialist mags to even things up a bit. It’s also a good time to be an anarchist. Everyone hates MPs, ergo, we don’t want them, we don’t need them, and let’s set up Berlin-style anarchist communes instead. I think that was the gist of one radio interview I heard.

So what kind of reform will we get? Let’s hope for Whip-free election to select committees, and the house insisting that announcements are made to them first and overall the Whips being less able to corral votes.  We now know that Speakers can be made to resign, so I’d be worried for my job already if I was Mr Bercow. He hasn’t got it in him to personify parliament as Betty Boothroyd did, and if his authority slips at all PMs, Brown or Cameron, and MPs will ride roughshod over him.

Another scenario of course is that the people of London  march on parliament and force itself to vote itself out of existence. Communes take over, the monarchy is abolished, and a guillotine is set up at Tyburn.

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