Obama swats fly

For the Zen Politics blog this is a matter of real concern.

President Obama brought, with a well-timed swat, the life of this  (rather large, I admit) fly to an early end. The news-clip is dramatic. As an example of macho politics it was impressive. It was only sad that he wasn’t discussing North Korea or Iran or Sudan at the time, though some would have then argued it was staged, with the fly, maybe slightly doped, being introduced into the interview at a strategic moment.

Ahmadinejad …  swat!

Kim Jong-Il … swat! Though Jong-Il’s dad, Kim Il-Sung, has been elevated to ‘Eternal president’ by the Koreans , so it may take more than a swat.

But to return to the issue. … Well, no, I won’t. Ever the pragmatist, I think this fly HAD TO GO. You don’t mess with the Pres.


One further thought: what would our brave leaders do, when faced with a fly?

Brown wouldn’t see it, or maybe the fly would resign, solving the problem

Cameron would put the boot in, that being a favourite recent activity

Clegg (no flies on me, guv) would hit out and miss altogether…

Have we any politicians who could Obama-style successfully deal with a fly?


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