Simply too much news

All news is fragmentary, a succession of visual and sound bites, widely differing. It mirrors our  thought processes, which are equally fragmentary. For calm considered rational thought we have to look elsewhere. Even the occasional wisdom of a commentator such as the BBC’s Nick Robinson, briefly a relief, is rapidly swept away by the staccato of stories that follows. We’re left with all the pieces of a jigsaw and little hope of assembling them into any kind of picture. And yet we endlessly try, and endlessly fail.  The BBC’s the Moral Maze, wonderful though it sometimes is, exemplifies the same point at a higher level: if not a jigsaw, a maze.

I could go on about this … it seems daft that we should be so keen on and so accepting of all this confusion and trivia in our lives. There is a way out, but that’s for another time!

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